Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to use of the Emmanuel English Church (EEC or the Church) website and its users. Visitors who do not agree with these guidelines should not use this website. These terms and conditions may be revised over time. Users should familiarise themselves with the most current version.


EEC does not collect the personally identifying information of website users unless such information is voluntarily provided. The School strives to only email requested types of information to its website users. Names and email addresses of EEC website users are not shared with outside parties. EEC may gather information such as domain names, internet addresses, dates and times from which visitors access the site. This data may be used to enhance the effectiveness of the website.

Intellectual Property

This website is intended for personal use. Unless noted otherwise, the intellectual property herein belongs to EEC. Users may not reproduce materials for commercial use or other purposes without the express written permission of EEC Leadership. The only exception to this policy is content such as newsletters clearly designed for redistribution.

User Behavior

Visitors to the EEC website are not permitted to:

  • Cause damage to the website or its functionality
  • Reproduce materials for commercial or other purposes without express written consent except content such as newsletters that have been expressly designed for redistribution
  • Use the website for the purpose of mass mailings and spam
  • Use the website for inappropriate, harmful, illegal or dishonest purposes
Restricted Access

The Church reserves the right to restrict access to any area of the website at will. Users are responsible for activities performed under their user ID and password, if applicable, and may not share user IDs and passwords with others. EEC may disable user IDs and passwords at will.

Limits of Liability

This website is provided as a free service to users. EEC is not liable for the website’s content, design or links to external websites. Good faith effort is made by the Church to maintain the accuracy, depth and timeliness of information, but EEC is not liable for such. EEC will not be liable for loss or damage related to this website unless deemed so under applicable laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).