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What’s the purpose of small group?
Small groups at EEC exist to help people to grow as disciples of Jesus in their obedience, character and conviction through practicing Christian community, facilitating understanding and application of God’s Word, and encouraging each other with word and action.

Why join a small group?
Each believer is a member of Christ’s body who is in need of the service and love of other members to grow and flourish! This requires being in an intentional relationship of love with other believers. The bible gives commands about what this is to look like. Christians are to build, bear, encourage, serve, offer hospitality, and forgive one another to name a few. Small group is one way to practice Christian community.

Who can join a small group?
You can join a small group if you are a professing follower of Jesus Christ who is committed to worship at EEC regularly.

How do I join a small group?
Register for a small group through this form. If you are new, you will also meet with a pastor and small group leader.

How are groups determined?
Groups are formed on time and language preferences. As there is limited space, EEC members and committed SG participants will be given priority.

Small Group Schedule
Meetings happen bi-weekly over a course of two 5-month terms. The new small group term will start in November 2021.

What can I expect at a meeting?
Meetings consist of a time to learn and discuss the bible and Christian doctrine as well as a time to share, pray and bond with a smaller group of believers.

What if I want to switch groups?
Those joining a new group are encouraged to actively participate for 1 term before deciding to switch. Those joining an existing group are encouraged to attend at least 2 meetings before deciding to try another group. Opening in a new group will depend on each small group leader.