With Him Sermon Series

With Him looks at God’s plan for the Israelites in the book of Exodus after He saved them from slavery in Egypt. It’s important to note that God didn’t only save Israel from a life of slavery — He saved them for a purpose! To serve Him, walk with Him, and dwell with Him as His covenant people. Freedom from Egypt was only the start of the Israelites’ salvation. God had much more in store for them. But in order to get to where God wanted them to be, the Israelites had to learn to walk with God step by step through the wilderness.

The journey of learning how to serve and walk with God is the same for us as His people today. The challenges and struggles that the Israelites faced are the same challenges that we face now as His church. The journey isn’t easy, but it’s worth it! As we walk with God, He leads us closer and closer to dwell with Him in His holy presence. And this is a journey that never ends throughout a Christian’s life on earth. As we look into the book of Exodus, let’s pray that we as a church can find encouragement and strength to walk with God where He has called us, here in Hong Kong.

Listen to Sermons

Exodus 13:17-15:21          Pastor Evangel Tam

Exodus 16          W.F.

Exodus 17:1-8          Pastor Evangel Tam

Exodus 24          Pastor Evangel Tam

Exodus 25-31          Pastor Evangel Tam

Exodus 28          Pastor Evangel Tam

Exodus 30-31          Pastor Evangel Tam

Exodus 31          Pastor Eric Scott

Exodus 32          Pastor Evangel Tam

Exodus 33          Pastor Evangel Tam

Exodus 34          Pastor Evangel Tam

Exodus 35-40          Pastor Evangel Tam

Bible Reading Plan

Sermon Series Preparation

Week 1 (Jan 27 - Feb 2)

Exodus 1-7

Week 2 (Feb 3 - Feb 8)

Exodus 8-14

Week 3 (Feb 10 - Feb 15)

Exodus 15-16

Week 4 (Feb 17 - Feb 22)

Exodus 17

Week 5 (Feb 24 - Feb 29)

Exodus 18


Exodus Timeline
(Credit: The Village Church)

Overview on Exodus Part 1
Watch in English
(Credit: The Bible Project)

Overview on Exodus Part 2
Watch in English
(Credit: The Bible Project)