Small, insignificant, weak, powerless, forgotten — these are all words that believers in the city of Ephesus could identify with. They lived in one of the largest cities of the ancient world, at the center of cultural and political struggles for power and influence. On one side of the streets were crowds of devout worshippers of the goddess Artemis, and on the other side were political leaders and Roman soldiers demanding allegiance and worship to Caesar. Ephesus was an affluent city, overflowing with diverse people, gods, and ideologies — it was hard not to be pulled into its temptations and dangers. Yet, in the middle of it all, the apostle Paul writes to the Ephesian church that, contrary to how they may feel, they are victorious! They are deeply loved by God, seated in heavenly places, created for good works planned by God in advance, and called to display his wisdom to rulers and authorities.

Life in Hong Kong 2021 can feel overwhelming. Many circumstances lead us to feel powerless, insignificant, and out of control. Yet, that is not the case! God is in complete control, carrying out his eternal and cosmic plan through his church, a plan that will end in victory against all powers and forces in the whole universe. The book of Ephesians outlines God’s plan for his church starting from before the beginning of time stretching all the way into eternity. EEC is called to be a part of God’s plan, to know God’s purpose for us and to carry it out in faith.

Blessed by God’s Glory          Pastor Evangel Tam         Sermon Note

Deeply, Incomprehensibly Loved          Pastor Evangel Tam         Sermon Note

Free and Forgiven          Pastor Evangel Tam         Sermon Note

Sealed & Secure          Pastor Evangel Tam         Sermon Note

Life Transforming Prayer          Pastor Evangel Tam         Sermon Note

Separation and Reconciliation          Pastor Eric Scott         Sermon Note

Lord’s Supper – Privilege & Responsibility          Pastor Evangel Tam         Sermon Note

Powerfully & Graciously Rescued & Responsibility          Pastor Evangel Tam         Sermon Note

Grace upon Grace           Pastor Evangel Tam         Sermon Note

Resurrected Community           Pastor Evangel Tam         Sermon Note

United Victoriously           Pastor Evangel Tam         Sermon Note

Victory through Weakness           Pastor Evangel Tam         Sermon Note

Gospel Faith           Joshua Chu and Pastor Evangel Tam

Paul’s Powerful Prayer           Pastor James Tang

United for Glory           Pastor Evangel Tam         Sermon Note

Serving in Victory           Pastor Evangel Tam         Sermon Note

Victorious Christian Living          Pastor Evangel Tam         Sermon Note

New Relationships          Pastor Evangel Tam         Sermon Note