Building with Wisdom that Endures – Pastor Evangel Tam

Series: Marks of a Healthy Church 

Passage: 1 Corinthians 3:1-21

Main Point: Build God’s church with care for His ways because our work will be tested and tried

Understanding the Passage 

  • Church community – Building in progress, God’s temple (v9, 16)
  • Apostle Paul – Head supervisor of building project (v10)
  • Architect – God, the Father (v10)
  • Foundation – Jesus’ work on the cross (v11)
  • Each church member – Builders (v13)
  • Gold, silver, precious stones – God’s wisdom (v19)
  • Wood, hay, straw – Human wisdom (v18)

Sermon Points

  1. Church approach to ministry & discipleship matters 
  2. Embrace God’s “foolish” wisdom
  3. Each held responsible for building quality 

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